About the Stadium Scholarship Program

In 1933, a group of 75 young male students with limited financial means moved into a dormitory built beneath the bleachers in Ohio Stadium.  Those 75 young men lived in barracks-like conditions in the stadium’s southwest corner, which would become known as the Tower Club. In exchange for reduced rent, the young men did all of the chores except cooking in the no-frills dorm.  Their shared experiences created a tradition of cooperation and scholarship that remains alive today.

In 1975, both the program and the dormitory itself were expanded and the first women moved into the dorm. In the 1980’s, the university completed a multimillion dollar renovation that increased the dorm’s capacity to 360 students.

In the late 1990s, the university expanded and renovated Ohio Stadium. In June, 1999, the program’s history inside the stadium ended as the last group of 356 residents left the dorm.

As we celebrate this 85th Anniversary milestone, members of the program throughout the years will have the opportunity to share their stories!